10 brilliant examples of content marketing from beauty brands


Data suggests that the UK health and beauty industry is now worth £4bn, with sales of cosmetics increasing £55m from 2016-17 alone.

In the US, the demand for beauty is (naturally) even bigger, with the sector expected to rise from $80bn to a whopping $90bn by 2020.

This growth is said to be down to the ‘selfie’ generation, with today’s consumers increasingly looking to visual social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram for beauty inspiration. Unsurprisingly, beauty brands are turning away from traditional advertising and onto digitally-focused marketing in order to capture their attention.

With this in mind, here’s a run-down of some of the best examples of content marketing from cosmetics and beauty brands.

1. Fenty’s digital launch

No brand has had a bigger impact on beauty in the last couple of years than Fenty. The company – which is owned by Rihanna – launched in 2017 with a 100% digital campaign, largely geared around Instagram and influencer content.

Built on a ‘beauty for all’ concept, Fenty launched its foundation in 40 different shades, thereby setting the tone for its inclusive, body positive, and diverse marketing. Combining reviews and testimonies for industry professionals, models, and every day fans – its unique Instagram strategy drew in 1.4m followers within just four days.

2. Birchbox’s magazine

Content marketing has been at the heart of Birchbox’s strategy from its launch in 2010, with the brand placing just as much focus on helpful and informative content as it does the products themselves.

Its online magazine offers a constant stream of how-to’s, tutorials, and DIY-related articles – aiming to instil desire for the product as well as increase value for existing subscribers.

Birchbox cleverly uses the theme of each monthly box to inform content. For example, the below article relates to the ‘mermaid’ inspired design and products found in the August 2017 box.

3. Benefit’s ‘browmobile’ competition

Despite brows being just one step in a make-up routine – eyebrow products are big business. According to NPD, Benefit Cosmetics had a 50% share of the £20 million brow market in 2016, and that was before the brand launched 13 brand new brow-related products.

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