5 ways businesses can help employees eat well and move more


Physical inactivity and poor diet are among the top causes of ill health, and if we get ill this can negatively impact on our working life.

Conversely when we’re feeling well we’re at our best. We’re more productive and take less time off sick, so it’s no surprise that employers increasingly see that it makes business sense to support the health of their staff.

Working adults spend a third of their waking hours in work which means our workplaces are key spaces for improving wellbeing.

These environments shape our behaviour; how active we are, what we eat, so businesses are well-placed to take simple steps to promote physical activity and healthy eating.

In this blog I want to summarise a few of the many practical tips for businesses that you’ll find in our new free resource

1. Promote physical activity amongst staff

It’s a sobering thought that around a third of adults are damaging their health through a lack of physical activity and this situation is bad for business and productivity. But employers can make a difference by making it easier for all of us to get active every day. Promoting walk-to-work or cycle schemes and providing lockers, changing and bike storage facilities as well as encouraging staff-led lunchtime walking or running clubs all make it easier for staff to be active every day.

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