56 of the Best New Fitness Products Under $100


Here at SELF, we’re pretty obsessed with fitness gear and activewear. We just tested out over 500 fitness products for our annual Healthy Living Awards, and you can see all the winners here. But we’re also aware that when it comes to participating in wellness, the trappings can often be really expensive—for many people, prohibitively so. We didn’t take price point into account with our overall awards, but the good news is that there were a ton of award-winners under $100.

Do you need everything on this list in order to be healthy and fit? Of course not. But if you’re interested in spending some money on the best of what’s out there, these 56 choices get our seal of approval. Our editors tested each and every product, in all different types of sweaty scenarios: in indoor cycling classes, on runs, and even out exploring the great outdoors. We wanted to make sure that we were suggesting the gear that holds up to its promises, and most importantly, that we love to use and wear ourselves.

Here are 56 award-winners all under $100, listed in order from lowest price to highest.

Best Cycling Water Bottle: Specialized Purist

This squeezable water bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated while on a bike, whether you’re cycling indoors or outdoors. With no cap to unscrew, you just lift the bottle to your mouth and squeeze (which is ideal when, ya know, you’re trying to keep your other hand on the handlebars so you don’t crash). Bonus: It comes in every color of the rainbow, and you can personalize it with team names or favorite races.

Best Yoga Strap: Hugger Mugger Cotton Cinch Yoga Strap

Yoga straps are great to help modify poses as you work on increasing flexibility. Our testers were impressed by the durable, sturdy fabric and easy-to-use buckle on these cotton straps.

Best Running Socks: Balega Silver Sock

These “really soft, thick, and cushiony socks” prevented blisters through countless test runs. The silver is anti-microbial, meant to avoid stink. “These socks are my go-to for both shake out runs and sprint workouts—I can always trust them to fit perfectly,” one tester said.

Best Yoga Towel: Lululemon the (Small) Towel

Don’t let the thinness deter you—this small, lightweight microfiber towel is extremely absorbent. Testers placed it under their hands in hot yoga to avoid slipping and to, you know, simply sop up their sweat.



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