6 Exercises to Do At Home (When the Gym Is Crazy Crowded)


Don’t let a jam-packed gym (or lousy weather) keep you from meeting your fitness goals. Try this at-home workout developed by Sadie Lincoln, founder of the fitness studio barre3.

All you need is a sturdy surface, like the back of a chair or couch. The exercises are simple enough that you don’t even have to change into workout clothes. Plus, you can sprinkle them into your day—squeezing in a few minutes here and there. Complete the entire routine three to four times a week, and you should start seeing results in about a month.

Heel to Toe Sumo Squats

Works: glutes, legs

A. Start standing just in front of a chair with feet wider than hips and legs slightly turned out. Shift weight to heels and lift toes. Bend knees, lowering hips to a squat so they hover just above the chair. Keep chest high.

B. Quickly straighten legs and come onto balls of feet. At the same time, extend arms overhead. That’s one rep. Do 20 reps.

Barre3 Push-Pulls

Works: abs, arms, back

A. Start in a plank position with hands on a countertop or the back of a sofa, arms straight, feet back about two feet and heels lifted. Bend elbows and lower to a push-up. Lift chest to a small back bend as you straighten your elbows again.

B. Reach hips back so arms are straight and chest is parallel to floor. Lift heels and roll up to start position. That’s one rep. Do 10 reps.

Tip: Keep core firm and press palms firmly down when in straight arm plank and in the narrow push-up.

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