8 Best Smart Gym Gadgets You Can Bring with You


You probably didn’t know there were smart gym gadgets out there, did you?

The gym is one place that could certainly stand to be a little smarter and more efficient. Of course, I’m not necessarily talking about gym equipment – like treadmills, cable systems, or bench press stations. I’m actually referring to the gear you bring along with you every time you head in for a workout.

There are plenty of wrist wearables and fitness trackers. We have a few lists of our own if that’s what you’re looking for.

Instead, how about a smart cup that can tell you when you need to hydrate? Wouldn’t it be cool to have smart, Bluetooth-enabled dumbbells that track your strength training?

If these ideas interest you, then keep on reading!

What Are Smart Gym Gadgets?

Hopefully, you know what smart tech is by now. Smart gym gadgets are similar, except they are meant to be used when you workout. Ultimately, smart products make your life easier by keeping you connected. In the case of gym gadgets, they might track your health stats. Or, they may even enhance your workouts through unique features.

The Jabra Sport Coach headphones, for example, are wireless earbuds that can be used to listen to music. What really makes them interesting though is that they include a built-in health trainer that will encourage and coach you during your workout routines. It’s like having your own personal fitness assistant.

Why You Need Them?

Most of these devices make your life – or workouts – convenient. Smart clothing and smart shoes, for instance, can tell you when it’s time to take a rest, or when you should be wrapping up your exercise. These devices add a new tech-rich approach to getting the best gains from your workout and improving your health.

Installation and Ease of Use

Most of these devices are simply connected to your phone with Bluetooth. Simply charge the product, sync to your phone via app, and you’re ready to roll. Using them is also relatively easy. They are meant to make your gym life simpler, after all, not more difficult.


Because these devices vary in size, function, and usage they also vary in cost. The devices we have chosen range from X to X. Don’t worry, there’s definitely something for everyone on this list – from the budget-minded to the top-of-the-line lovers out there.

Best Smart Gym Gadgets – 2018

Do you want to integrate smart gym gadgets with your active lifestyle? Want to know all about the devices we’ve chosen? Nice! Read on!

8Mark One Pryme Vessyl: Intelligent Hydration

If you aren’t a fan of protein shakes but would still love to see the body hydration process become a little more efficient, then you should look into the Pryme Vessyl Cup.

The technology behind it is simple. The Pryme Vessyl will track your water consumption and let you know important milestones through notifications and reminders. There’s a ton of research behind the idea that good hydration is awesome for your health, and this cup will help you see that it happens.

It works similar to a fitness tracker. A tracker, for instance, will track your total steps and the calories you’ve burned while active. Once you reach a pre-defined goal it will let you know you were successful for the day. The Pryme Vessyl does exactly the same, only with water. Once you’ve had your fill, It will let you know via your phone or smart watch.

Also, it has a surprisingly minimal yet attractive design.

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7Digitsole Smart Shoes: Get Your Feet Connected

If the rest of your body is going to be equipped with smart tech, you might as well outfit your feet too. But trust us when we say the Digitsole Smart Shoe is one of the most useful smart gym gadgets for fitness and health enthusiasts.

For starters, these bad boys can automatically tighten themselves. If you’re paying attention, that means no fumbling with laces. Hell yeah!

But a self-tightening feature is hardly enough to call any shoes “smart,” which is exactly why Digitsole went the extra mile here. The shoes can keep your feet warm while you work out. Once they reach a temperature threshold they will automatically turn off to conserve battery life.

They can also track your activity – like a wrist wearable – to help you monitor calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, and more. All information is synced via Bluetooth 4.0 with your smartphone through a mobile app: Android and iOS flavors are available.

There are even some bonus features in there like a “long-lasting” rechargeable battery, and wireless charging. The app is badass too. It shows you all the stats you need like temperature, distance traveled, and even your route. That way, when you brag to your friends about that 5K hike you just did, you have proof too.

The Digitsole Smart Shoes aren’t available just yet. We’ll update here as soon as you can add them to your kicks collection.

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6Skulpt: Measure Body Fat and Muscle

Most smart gym gadgets that monitor activity will only track basic stats like total calories burned or the number of steps you walked or ran. Not only are these stats practically useless when you’re more interested in strength training and getting lean, but they don’t give you any true indication of your progress. It doesn’t take a genius to know that more steps taken and more calories burned means less fat, but how much less?

Skulpt is a remarkable tracker that lets you see a ton of detailed stats regarding your activity and fitness. It will measure body fat percentage – in 24 different areas of your body no less – and provide in-depth muscle analysis. It can even deliver some workout tips and guidance to help you build more muscle, boost your strength, or just burn some fat.

If your workouts involve less cardio and more strength training, this is definitely the tracker for you.

All information is synced with a mobile app via Bluetooth. You can get it in a bundle that includes a tracker, charging cradle, spray water bottle, and of course access to the mobile app.



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