All you need to know about this nutritious bowl of food


If you think healthy is boring, the colourful macrobiotic bowl is just what you need. This bowl of nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and quality proteins is not only nourishing for your body but equally Instagram-worthy. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

Celebrity nutritionist and author Pooja Makhija recently shared an Instagram post that showed a macrobiotic bowl consisting a drool-worthy combination of moong sprouts, fermented purple cabbage, quinoa, kale, onion rings, pickled cauliflower, bean sprouts and hummus, dusted with dried algae.

She captioned the post, “…Why it’s my favorite is that it’s so easy to cook (assemble rather!) Healthy, easy, yummy, gorgeous looking – what are you waiting for!!??”

Some benefits that she highlighted in the post include:

*The diet is all about gut-friendly prebiotic foods that helps our microflora flourish. These bowls are high in fibre, minerals, vitamins, supply easy to digest protein and are low in fats.

*Great to build healthier skin, low gut inflammation, easy digestion, gives you more energy, aids weight loss, and gives a complete sense of well-being of the mind and body.Read More..


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