Build Muscle After 40 With This Full Body Workout Plan


Warm Ups

If you know what works best for you, keep doing it. That said, if what you do is walk into the weight room and start lifting with no warmup at all, I predict it won’t work for much longer. The older you get, and the more miles you put on the chassis, the trickier it is to get your body ready for a good workout.

Your warmup should at least have these two components:

  • A general warmup to increase core temperature, heart rate, and blood flow. You’ll probably need more time for this if you train in the morning versus the evening, or winter versus summer. Light cardio, mild calisthenics, mobility exercises, or some combination will to the trick.
  • A specific warmup for the first exercise, or pair of exercises, in your workout. Again, this can be a comprehensive mobility routine, a few practice sets of the exercise with light weights, or a combination of both.

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