Does It Matter What You Eat?


I’ve maintained my 158 pound weight loss for 12 years, and throughout those years I’ve been asked a lot of interesting questions regarding my experience. I’ve been asked questions that are way too personal in nature. I’ve also been asked a lot of very technical questions regarding diet and exercise, and I’ve been asked many questions in between.

One question that I don’t think gets asked enough is: “Does it really matter what you eat?”

The reason I don’t think this question is asked enough is because the answer to this question goes beyond just losing pounds on the scale, and heads right to the heart of your long-term health.

What do I mean? Well, certainly you can lose weight by eating chocolate cookies all day long provided you keep the calorie count low enough. And yes, you can lose weight by drinking some of those diet shakes that are advertised all the time. But what are you really accomplishing and learning by losing weight using those unhealthy methods?

Nothing. Yes, you may lose some unwanted pounds but at the same time, you may be missing a very important lesson. When you have the desire to lose weight, it’s important to not just focus on the numbers on the scale, but also to focus on your overall health, habits, and nutritional well-being. If you just focus on the scale numbers without learning how to eat in a healthy manner, you may have a hard time maintaining your weight loss for the long term.

I personally knew one woman who told me that she had recently lost 65 pounds. I congratulated her on her great success and asked her what she enjoyed about her new life. She said, “Well, I like that I can fit into smaller sized clothes.” She then proceeded to tell me, “You know what? All I eat all day is junk.

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