Good night’s sleep, home workouts, less fat intake and positivity boost immunity


A healthy immune system is the key to fight coronavirus and, for that matter, any other infection. Since there is a 21-day lockdown in the country, people can still make the most of this period by taking measures to boost their immunity while staying within the confines of their homes. Even the basic staple diet, with good sleep, some indoor workouts and the most important positive approach is sufficient to make the body’s immune system stronger.

“In the current scenario one must work on boosting the immune system. It will save you from visiting the doctor to a large extent. Sleep, exercise and balanced diet play an important role in increasing the body’s immunity,” says Dr Shail Gupta, former chief medical officer, Panchkula. “Good sleep is must for natural immunity. One must sleep seven to eight hours and with proper timing of going to the bed. Vitamin C and D play a very important role in the immune system, so try to include more green vegetables and fruits in the diet. But in case because of lockdown you don’t have vegetables and fruits, go for pulses and cereals. And one can take Vitamin C tablets on daily basis and Vitamin D tablet once a week.”

With the concerned authorities struggling to reach out everyone in the tri-city for daily supply of vegetables and fruits, one can look for alternatives for a balance diet.

“One should reduce the fried items from their daily diet and should limit the sugar intake. In absence of vegetables and fruits, one should look for alternatives that give you sufficient nutrition. One can depend on grains and cereals. Sprouting is a very good choice. The process of sprouting pulses adds Vitamin C in the sprouts and it helps to meeting the daily demand of vitamins to some extent,” says Sunita Malhotra, chief dietician, department of dietetics, PGIMER Chandigarh.

“A person with normal BMI (Body Mass Index) is more likely to have stronger immune system. So, especially for these three-week, one should focus on maintaining the body weight as per their respective BMI. One should avoid bulk eating and go for small portions — eat healthy and filling —after every two hours. This will also keep you engaged,” adds the chief dietician.

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