Have sensitive teeth? Here is how you can find relief


Having sensitive teeth is no joke. It is an exceptionally-painful affair, wherein you feel like a million tiny needles have attacked your teeth when you have gulped down something cold, or something too hot. And it worsens with time, unless you do something about it. So, if you are living with this, here are some rules that you must follow, so as to not aggravate the situation.

Understand the problem

Most of the time, understanding the root of the problem is important, and we mean literally. Dentists say that tooth sensitivity is caused when there is an exposure of the nerve endings, either because of the erosion of the tooth enamel, or some other problem with the gum and tissues. The nerve endings are connected to the main nerve or the pulp of the tooth. When the teeth are exposed to factors which trigger the sensitivity, you feel a jolting pain in the pulp. If this pain is unbearable, check with your dentist for a quick remedy.

Use correct toothpaste

Alternatively, you can change your brand of toothpaste and opt for one that is designed to fight tooth sensitivity. It is believed that sensitivity toothpastes block the pain by filling the nerve-endings. There are many brands available in the market, so pick one and start using it.Read More..


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