I’ve been thinking about writing this article about home workouts during a lockdown for a while, but I wanted to approach it in a way that worked for all.

I’m a personal trainer, so I’ve got more kit for home workouts than most. Saying that though, I was sent a video of my local home fitness shop on the announcement of the lockdown and they’d sold out of literally everything of use, so there’s lots of us with kit for home workouts.

Interesting – it shows where fitness lies in the order of priorities of people. Knowing they were going to be forced to miss the gym, they bought up home exercise kit in droves. Good sign for the fitness industry!

But a good article on home workouts during a lockdown has to be more inclusive. It can’t just cater for those of us with a wide variety of exercise kit. Furthermore, the prices on Amazon for home training kit have gone seriously crazy – I’m seeing home weight training sets that used to cost £50 going for 8-10 TIMES that! Other suppliers of home workout kit have sold out – I’ve never seen anything like it in over 15 years working in fitness.

When places started to sell out of stock, I had people contact me asking where else I suggested. I told them about a few industry places which typically sell mostly to the trade and even they’d sold out!

Thoughts around home workouts…

Despite a whole load of personal trainers telling you how great bodyweight home workouts are, the reality is that they’re not as good as you can do in the gym or with resistance kit, especially if your fitness aims are strength based.

You just can’t replace a heavy squat with air squats. It doesn’t work like that.

I don’t have the equipment to do weightlifting movements as the moment, so I have to adapt. Who knows how long it’ll be until I can do these again…?

Does that make home workouts a waste of time?

Absolutely not – you still should perform home workouts, you just need to change your approach and adapt your focus to make sure you still benefit from the change in training. You have to be creative with home workouts, thinking about how you can vary a challenge or adapt exercises to suit kit you have available.

Taking an overall breakdown of aspects of fitness, let’s address the three big areas…

  • Resistance Training
  • Cardio Training
  • Stretching

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