How to Lose weight: Diet Plan, Exercises and Tips to Lose weight


It is a common misconception that you need to make major changes to your daily routine to reduce weight. Simple lifestyle changes, in day-to-day life, can also help you lose weight. Follow these 14 weight loss tips to get started on your own fitness journey.

Pick home cooked meals over eating out
The benefits of eating home cooked meals cannot be stressed enough. Research shows that people who eat home cooked meals for five or more days a week tend to have longer, healthier lives than those who do not. While we are not suggesting completely eliminating your social life, saying NO to every second opportunity to eat out will bring about a 50% reduction in the consumption of processed foods, sugars and oil.

Maintain a Food Diary
Studies have shown that awareness of what one eats helps maintain their food portions. Keeping a food diary can play a key role in ensuring this. It helps keep track of the calories you consume, and in the process, helps you understand what you should and should not eat. A food diary can also help you plan your meals ahead, in order to maintain your calorie budget.

Start your day with a heavy breakfast
Data sourced from analyzing the eating patterns of people across the globe shows that people who have power breakfast tend to lose weight faster. When you eat breakfast, you activate the thermogenesis process and thus, stimulate your metabolism. Besides, studies have shown that eating a meal in the morning boosts your metabolism more than eating the same meal in the evening.

Fill your pantry with healthy food
Having healthy food around at all times can also play a major role in weight loss. With only healthy food in your pantry, you are likely to snack on them whenever you’re hungry. This way you don’t binge on unhealthy food, and this goes a long way in preventing unnecessary weight gain.

Up your physical activity with daily chores
Work on as many daily chores as possible. It can be as simple as watering plants or as intense as building your own tree house. The idea here is to use your hands and feet to engage in a physical activity that has a well-defined goal. Doing these chores will also release endorphins that boost your mood, apart from helping you burn calories.

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