How To Stop And Reduce Hair Fall – 14 Things That Worked For Me


Who hasn’t had a hair loss scare? All of us, at some point, start to fear that we might be losing too much hair. While most of the time it’s just a false alarm, and our hair’s routine shedding, in some cases, it is more than that. But what could be causing the unexpected hair loss?

If you have been experiencing hair fall, and have reason to believe that it’s not just your shedding cycle, the first thing to do would be to find out what’s causing the problem. But first, let’s dismiss some common myths concerning hair fall, discuss how hair growth works, and why hair fall occurs.

All You Need To Know About Your Hair

  1. Myths Concerning Hair Fall
  2. Hair Growth- The Stages
  3. Patterns Of Hair Fall- Types Of Hair Loss
  4. Causes Of Hair Fall
  5. Tips For Treating Hair Loss

i) Get The Right Diagnosis
ii) Use The Right Comb
iii) Towel Dry The Right Way
iv) Choose Your Products Wisely
v) Wash Your Hair Thrice A Week
vi) Style It Right
vii) Natural Treatments
viii) Keep Your Scalp Healthy
ix) Yoga And Exercise
x) Take Supplements
xi) Homemade Treatments
xii) Salon Treatments
xiii) Diet
xiv) Anti-Hair Fall Products

1. Myths Concerning Hair Fall

Myth 1- Only Men Are Affected By Balding

Let me make this very clear: Experiencing hair loss doesn’t indicate that there is something wrong with one of your ‘X’ chromosomes. It is actually pretty common for women to experience hair fall. In fact, 40% of women are affected by hair loss at some point in their lives.

Myth 2- Washing Your Hair Too Often Is The Problem

The next time someone gives you this little piece of unwanted advice, please feel free to laugh at them. Granted, washing your hair more than thrice a week is a bit excessive, but it does not cause hair loss.

Myth 3- Brushing = Balding

No, brushing does NOT make you bald. I mean, unless you are yanking the hair right out of your skull with a brush, this isn’t a thing. However, brushing your hair when it is wet is a big no-no as this causes breakage.

Myth 4- Coloring And Hair Treatments Will Lead To Hair Loss

What’s the point of having hair if you can’t have fun with it? As long as you go about it the right way and avoid over processing, you’re good. However, there are certain hair treatments that list hair fall as a possible side effect, so it is always a good idea to do your research before you opt for an extreme treatment.

Myth 5- Shaving Your Head Will Fix The Problem

Shave your head if you please. But if you’re expecting your hair to be thicker when it grows, you will be disappointed.

While the little things do matter, hair fall is often the result of a bigger problem. To understand why you are losing hair, you need to first understand how hair growth works. I’m not going to give you a biology lesson, but here’s a little bit of information that can help you understand the problem better:



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