Looking Good During Pregnancy Week by Week


Wondering why you’re suddenly sprouting thicker hair and sweating up a storm? Or whether it’s safe to hop in the tub or highlight your hair? Browse these pregnancy beauty tips and tricks for answers on everything from covering up those break-outs to baby-safe ways to pamper yourself.

First Trimester

Weeks 1 and 2: Hot Tubs and Fertility
Trying to conceive? The only time things should be hot is when you’re in bed — so skip the hot tub and sauna which can lower sperm production and impact fertility.

Week 3: Acne Treatments During Pregnancy
Got more pimples than a high school marching band? Don’t lock yourself in your bathroom.

Week 4: Highlights and Hair Dye During Pregnancy
Most experts agree that when it comes to hair coloring, safe is better than sorry. So wait out the first trimester before heading back to the salon to retouch those roots — or if you urgently need your hair done, talk to your doctor first.

Week 5: Tanning Beds During Pregnancy
Are you a fan of the tan? Well, it’s time to take a break from those tanning beds, which can raise your body temperature to a level that could be harmful to your developing baby.

Week 6: Hair Growth During Pregnancy
For many expectant moms, pregnancy means hair that’s lush, shiny, and downright luxurious (makes you want to audition for a shampoo commercial — doesn’t it?).

Week 7: Nail Polish During Pregnancy
Feel pitiful without a pedicure? Manic without a manicure? Relax — it’s perfectly safe to polish your nails while pregnant.

Week 8: Pregnancy Skin Problems
Pregnancy can cause some pretty wacky complexion stuff, from excessive oiliness to excessive dryness, from acne to blotchiness, and most strangely, to melasma, “the mask of pregnancy.”

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