No Gym, No Problem


Stuck indoors and need a sweat? We’ve got your back—and abs, arms, glutes, and legs. Created, used, and loved by Nike Master Trainers themselves, these premier at-home workouts require just your body’s amount of space and minimal or no equipment, but deliver all the good stuff you’re craving.

From strength-building circuits and calorie-torching HIIT to energizing activations and relaxing flows, with progressions and modifications to suit any fitness level, the only hurdle in your way now is choosing which one to start first…

Jumpstart your morning with this short, but powerful, flow that will make home feel like a yoga studio. This hip and heart-opening sequence will build heat in your body to leave you feeling energized in no time.

Time: 15 Minutes
Level: Beginner
Best for: Mobility
Equipment: Mat/None
Format: Class

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