Nutrition for Weight Loss: What You Need to Know About Fad Diets


A fad diet is a trendy weight-loss plan that promises dramatic results. Typically, these diets are not healthy and don’t result in long-term weight loss. In fact, some diets actually can be dangerous to your health.

Path to improved health

As a general rule, steer clear of diets or diet products that do any of the following:

  • Claim to help you lose weight very quickly (more than 1 or 2 pounds per week). It takes time to lose weight and allow your body to adjust.
  • Promise that you will lose weight and keep it off without exercise. If a diet plan or product sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Limit your food choices or don’t offer balanced nutrition.
  • Focus on food combinations. Research doesn’t prove that eating certain foods together speeds weight loss.
  • Base claims on before-and-after photos.
  • Offer endorsements from clients or experts in weight loss, science, or nutrition. These people probably get paid to advertise.
  • Require you to spend a lot of money, especially in advance. This includes pills, prepackaged meals, or seminars required for the plan to work.

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