Reasons why you may have suddenly begun to gain weight


Obsessing about your weight is redundant, since the human body is unpredictable and the scales keep tipping this way and that, every now and then. And, unless there has been a drastic change of weight, in terms of loss or gain, there really isn’t anything to worry about. If, however, you notice that you have put on a few extra kilos of late, and are wondering how that happened, here are a few possible explanations. Read on.

Binge eating

You are eating unhealthy, and your diet consists mostly of processed foods. Microwave dinners, sugary cereals, junk foods, etc., contain added preservatives and other harmful ingredients that can add to your weight. The key is to consume them on cheat days, or once in a blue moon. If you make binge eating a regular affair, the scales will not show you any mercy. Not to mention, your body will also start showing signs of trouble. Opt for wholesome, nutritious meals.

Lazy lifestyle

If you are guilty of following a sedentary lifestyle, be prepared to put on weight. A sedentary lifestyle is devoid of physical activities. Most people with desk jobs, return home to their mobile phones and television sets, without squeezing in any time for exercising. It can lead to a host of other problems, besides weight gain.


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