Science-Backed Reasons Chakra Healing May Be a Key to Optimal Wellbeing (*And How to Practice!)


The evidence behind the benefits of meditation and mindfulness on our health and how to unlock your true potential and optimal wellbeing by practicing chakra healing, crystal therapy, and aromatherapy.

You’re probably one or the other – either you know a couple of things about chakras and have heard of people using ‘crystal therapy’, or you’re at the other end of the spectrum and have no idea what on earth those people at that one yoga class you took were on about (… “chakra?”)

With meditation and mindfulness work becoming ever-more popular thanks to their positive effects on modern-day wellbeing issues like stress, many are diving deeper into the holistic and spiritual world in order to help them understand how to deal with their physical, emotional, and mental issues.

In recent decades, many scientific studies, for example from institutions like the American Heart Association, have been sharing research and insight into the benefits of practicing meditation on our physical health (an adjunct treatment for coronary disease and its prevention) (1). Meanwhile, many other sources of research, such as those looking into cognitive decline and diseases like Alzheimer’s (2), found that learning to pay attention to our current experiences and accept them without judgment might indeed help us to be happier and affects many aspects of our psychological wellbeing – improving our memory and mood, increasing positive emotions, and decreasing our anxiety, emotional reactivity, and even job burnout. Also, several other studies show research on meditation and mindfulness improving the immune system (3), having a positive effect on our telomere cells and our aging process (4), and even personal issues like emotional eating (5).

If you’re interested in focusing on holistic healing for a change as a method of therapy, that’s where understanding chakras comes in.

Chakra healing: Unblock negative energy

Chakras are energy centres situated within the body that channel universal life force, or ‘Prana’. In Sanskrit, chakra means ‘wheel’ and often these energy centres are depicted as seven spinning coloured wheels running centrally and vertically from the base of our spine up to the crown of our head.

We need energy to flow freely through these centres and continuously work to unblock our chakras to help us maintain an open and smooth flowing channel of energy throughout our body, mind, and spirit – as well as help us prevent any illness physically, emotionally, or mentally.

If one or more of the chakras are blocked, sluggish, or even spinning too fast, then it will affect our physical and emotional state as each of the seven chakras is associated with various body parts and glandular systems.

What are the benefits of chakra balancing? 

Chakra balancing is important to our overall wellbeing and healing. We might not all realise it, but many believe that we are all here, on this planet, on some kind of healing journey. “When they are balanced, we experience a deeper connection to ourselves and to our inner guidance. Our chakras are crucial to the raising of our vibration. I like to think of them as the spiritual anatomy, and when we look after that anatomy we are able to express more aspects of our true self and soul.” Kyle Gray, International bestselling author, and meditation teacher (6).



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