Staying fit in a lockdown: Fast & Up CEO says mental health as important as physical, turns to staircase workouts, indoor games with family


Vijayaraghavan Venugopal, CEO, Fast & Up is using the lockdown to do things that would be on his wishlist but never got completed. “As an athlete, I believe discipline is key to ensuring that one uses the time given to us during this lockdown in a productive manner. Having said that, I believe people can react differently to this time, some may want to do and try new things and others may find themselves feeling unnerved by this situation we are in,” he told ET Panache.

Venugopal feels it is important to respect body and mind. Do what you want to do rather than what you feel is right.

“During this lockdown, it is important to be both physically as well as mentally fit. The key is to make sure your plate is full with various activities. I have tried to maintain a similar structure of activities with the limitation of not going out. This includes getting up on time, making sure I am on top of my work, physical fitness and making use of the lockdown to spend quality time with family,” the Fast & Up boss explained.

Venugopal’s main fitness activity used to be going out for runs doing 60-80 km per week which has stopped. “My new exercises include skipping, staircase workouts, pull ups and indoor games with family. I often join my daughter or wife in the workouts that they do. We also had an indoor cricket match between my family using foam roller for a bat. It has been interesting to find a new routine and see how I can ensure to to stay active,” he shared.

Since he is at home the whole day, Venugopal also uses exercises as a way to break the monotony. “Most of the time I do capsules of 5-10 minutes each doing different things like push ups or stretches. Cumulatively I should be doing 1 – 1.30 hours of exercise every day,” he said.

One of the key things during this time is keeping the positivity in you and also spreading the same amongst your family and team members, feels Venugopal.

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