‘Step away from the straighteners’: DIY beauty hacks you can do at home


1 Bring some TLC to dry and irritated hands

Dry your hands carefully (especially under rings, where contact dermatitis is common) after every wash, and apply hand cream (I love The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector, £5). At night, mix some extra olive or avocado oil into the cream, slather on and cover your hands with cotton socks overnight. If hands become cracked, use Flexitol cracked heel balm, £5.09 (56g) in the same way.

2 Love your hair without the blowdries

There’s something nice about letting hair do what it wants, within reason. My hairdresser, Luke Hersheson, agrees. “Stepping back from the blowdryer and straightening or curling iron is easier, saves time, preserves condition and very often looks better,” he says. The trick is to place hair where desired when soaking wet. “Comb it through, apply any product, part it where you like, tuck behind the ears, twist, shake it out – but then leave it alone until it’s dry. Then you can disturb it, taking a piece or two to style with tools, but don’t bother with the back – only the front matters in Zoom meetings.”

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