The 9 Best Beauty Trends to Look Forward to in 2018


Next year is going to feature bold and glowing skin, shorter hairstyles, and lots of nail art. In short: It’s going to be gorgeous.

Trends come and go, no doubt. And the way to make sure that you never look dated in your photos on social media — or, you know, real life — is to make them work for you. That might mean skipping some trends entirely, toning them down from what you’d see on the runway, or taking a risk and jumping with both feet in to experiment with something new.

We asked experts in hair and makeup what trends they think are going to be new for 2018, and what’s still going strong from 2017. And who knows, maybe these will inspire you to change up your look, give you the fresh start you’re in need of, or break the beauty “rules.”



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