These fitness products will help you reach your exercise goals


There are innumerable factors that drive people away from working out: the difficulty of picking a workout routine, the messiness of it, the helplessness of not knowing if you’re making progress and more.

But, getting in shape doesn’t have to be scary, and technology may be able to help.

Here are some tried-and-tested products that make fitness more friendly.


Fitness trackers can sometimes seem just as mysterious as the workouts they’re supposed to be simplifying.

But Pebble seems to be the one to try. Like its competitors, it tracks your step count, heart rate and sleep habits. But it’s also a whiz at scheduling and notifications.

Thanks to its integration with Google Calendar, you can plan your workout around all other obligations you have.


It always helps to have an app that attempts to change your habits.

RunKeeper keeps track of your runs, their frequency and your total progress.

The app also gives you a welcome amount of control over your fitness, with some gentle nudges to keep you motivated.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones

One of the worst offenses a pair of headphones can commit is getting in the way of your workout.

Plantronics’ Bluetooth headphones are wireless and comfortable; plus they deliver an incredible sound.

They are the right pair of headphones when you need to grind out an extra set or stay focused for the last mile of a run.

Bombas socks

After two years of researching how to create the perfect sock, Bombas arrived at a winning combination of materials and design.

The final product is breathable, hugs your foot in the right places and never rolls down.

You can work out for hours and be sure your socks won’t hold you back.

HyperIce Vyper foam roller

If foam rolling doesn’t cut it, try adding vibration into the mix with HyperIce’s Vyper foam roller.

The device comes with three settings to ease out knots in the deepest tissues.

A forewarning: It’s incredibly firm, so beginners may want to start out on a product with more give before trying their hand (or hamstring) at the Vyper.



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