This winter, keep your hands and feet warm

beautiful young woman warming her hands on the street in winter

It is a fact that in winters, the hands and feet get colder than the rest of the body. This causes immense discomfort and irritation. But, have you ever wondered why this happens? The exact science behind this is that when the weather is cold, the body prioritises other internal organs — like you heart, for instance — over your hands and feet. But, there are ways to keep these parts warm. Read on.

Wear socks to bed

Wear socks all day — except when you use the bathroom, of course — and wear them to bed, too. If you are not in the habit of sleeping with your socks on, start doing it already. When the temperature is plummeting, it is advisable to wear the warmest, most comfortable of woollen socks. This will keep your feet from freezing, and you will also sleep well.

You need your hands to stay warm so you can do your daily chores. Wear gloves, the kind that lets you use your fingertips, while simultaneously keeping you warm. Do not opt for the bulky ones that seldom allow flexibility.Read More..


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