Want to give a healthy start to 2020? Here are some things you can do

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The new year means fresh beginnings. The first day of the year is all about charting out resolutions and promises of sticking to a disciplined life. While some people take it all the way, making sure they follow through and achieve all their goals, others give up midway. But, how you begin the first day of the year says a lot about how the rest of the year will shape up. Without making it seem cumbersome, here are some interesting and healthy ways in which you can kickstart the first day of 2020. Read on.

Set a small goal

Set a simple goal for the day, such as an hour of walking. And then try to tell yourself that you are going to do this every day. This is a good way to getting into a habit. If, for some reason, you are not able to follow through, don’t be hard on yourself. Maybe try cutting down on the time, and do it again whenever you can. The idea is to find a groove.

Healthy brunch

Invite your friends and family and be the most gracious host for a healthy brunch. This will keep everyone’s spirits high by keeping the merriment going. Additionally, you will all consume a sumptuous meal that is high in nutritional value. Maybe you can also exchange thoughts on each other’s goals and aspirations for the year.Read More..


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