Why Most Online Shoppers Don’t Make it Past the First Step of Checkout


The first step of your checkout sets the tone for the entire checkout experience. It’s when you’re supposed to put your best foot forward. Yet this is where we see the largest drop-off of customers in the checkout funnel. No matter the size of the store. No matter the price of the product.

The best e-commerce websites create an online experience that makes visitors fall in love with their products. The shopping experiences are emotional, guided, and clearly encourage visitors to add a product to their cart.

But once they get to the checkout, something just doesn’t feel right. There’s a break in the experience from cart to checkout, and it causes a disconnect for the customer. It’s this disconnect that leads to the highest level of cart abandonment at the very first step of the checkout. We’re not the only ones who notice it.

We’ve identified four UX (user experience) fixes that will reduce the number of visitors who abandon their cart before they really even get started. We’ve seen improvements of up to 5% in overall conversion rates as a result.

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