Winter Beauty Trends – 2018 Skincare, Hair and Makeup Trends


Winter Beauty Trends

There’s a lot of things to love about the winter season: huddling up by the fire, hunkering down with blankets and a hot mug of cocoa, or getting outside and having a snowball fight! With the changing of the seasons, beauty and fashion trends change too, and we know it can be hard to keep up to date with everything going on, so we’ve created this article to help you stay warm and look great this winter season!

Skin Care

One big thing about winter: it’s harsh on your skin. As the temperature drops, the air grows cold and dry, which removes the moisture from your skin. Dry skin cracks, flakes, and itches. It can be unpleasant and even painful in some cases.

As the seasons change, your skin care routine should change too.

To take care of dry skin, beauty gurus—and dermatologists, too—recommend exfoliating twice a week. The perfect way to refresh your skin is through exfoliation. As you clear away dead skin cells, you leave room for new skin cells to grow. On top of that, it opens your pores, allowing your moisturizers to absorb deep into your skin.

One ingredient is rising in popularity. Praised for its natural and anti-bacterial properties, activated charcoal can be found all around the world, not just in skin care. On the skin, it draws out bacteria, chemicals and dirt, alongside other micro-particles on the surface of the skin.

Lush’s “Dark Angels” is an exfoliating scrub that includes charcoal as one of its main ingredients. It’s gentle enough to be used on your face, but can also be used on the rest of your body.

Exposure to cold weather can also increase the look of fine lines and wrinkles, speeding along the aging process. Prevention is always key: in 2018, try out one of the trending skin care tools like derma rollers. Also known as micro-needling, derma rollers use tiny needles to prick your skin, forcing it to regenerate. New, innovative, and scientifically proven to aid in cell renewal, tools like derma rollers are gaining popularity fast.

Plump up with Hydration

Hydrating masks are gaining popularity fast. #SundayFacial is trending for a reason – hydration works. Whether it’s patches for under your eye, or full-face masks, hydrating masks and patches are designed to soothe redness, reduce irritation, puffiness and wrinkles in the shortest amount of time possible through condensed, intensified hydration. It’s a great pick me up, and will leave you with a rejuvenated glow. Combine with exfoliation, and the benefits double.


Makeup artists are ditching chunky brows and hard contours this season. Extreme highlights are also out. Beauty is trending toward all-natural looks this winter season. There’s a few things to keep an eye out for, such as…

 All-Natural Products

You’ll find more and more products boasting about their natural properties this winter. Some companies like Lush are taking eco-friendliness to greater lengths than ever before, sporting a wide variety of naked products that come without any packaging at all. You not only get the benefit of using all-natural stuff on your skin—you get to help save the environment, too. All-natural is a trend we should all get behind.

Glow Up

Lip glosses are a winter favorite this year. The lustrous look is being endorsed by celebrities everywhere, including Kim Kardashian, who came out with a set of glosses this winter. The set has neutral shades ranging from a gloss with an iridescent shimmer, to a copper tone with a shimmery finish.

Ultra-moisturizing lip balms with color tints are in, too, so you can look good while keeping your lips from getting chapped in the cold.

To combat the dry air during winter, dewy foundations are widely popular. Not only do they keep your skin from drying out, they produce a more natural look, with soft, glimmering undertones. Instead of caking on thick, greasy foundations, look to trending makeup products like The Ordinary’s Watercolors, or MAC’s Studio Waterweight Concealer. Lightweight products like these are super moisturizing and offer buildable, natural looking coverage.

Hair Trends

This winter, curly, bouncy volume is in. If your hair isn’t taken care of, it’ll fall flat, leaving you with frizzy, flaxen hair. How do you protect your hair during the winter? Unlike in the summer, you can’t leave your hair to dry in the open air when wet as you risk freezing it into clumps, which can result in brittle, broken split ends and frizzy, tangled knots. Don’t leave the house unless your hair is dry! If you don’t have time, dry shampoos and mousse might do the trick for you.

Easy on the heat. Keep in mind that your hair needs rest from your blow-dryer. Heat can be just as devastating to the health of your hair as the cold. Investing in a heat protectant spray will keep your hair from becoming damaged over time.

The priority is to keep warm, but you’ll want to stay stylish. Use winter hats made form natural materials to reduce static electricity. This should also keep your hair safe from wind, rain, and snow. Luckily braids, buns, and bouncy, curly ponytails are all trending this winter—braids and buns come with an additional benefit. They’re protective and help your hair retain its strength.



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