5 Tricks To Keep Working Out (No Matter How Busy You Are)


There’s no question you already know you should be working out on a regular basis. After all, exercise will not only keep you fit and feeling full of energy, it’ll also help you live a long, healthy and active life.

But if you’re like most people, you’re also probably really good at making excuses not to work out.

Because let’s face it: you’re busy. And although you know that working out should be a top priority, life too often gets in the way.

So here are five tricks to keep a consistent workout schedule, even if you’re really busy:

1. Do shorter workouts.

If the belief that you need to spend an hour or more in the gym to get in shape is the reason you’re not working out consistently, here’s some good news: it doesn’t actually take that long.

All you really need is 10 or 15 minutes of intense exercise, like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), to get fitter than you ever thought possible.

HIIT workouts take away all your excuses that you don’t have time to work out. Alternating periods of working really hard and shorter rest periods, this incredibly efficient style of training lets you get way more done in less time.

HIIT is the perfect solution for anyone who’s ever avoided the gym just because they didn’t have an hour to work out.

2. Start small.

When you’re trying to establish a new habit, it’s never a good idea to commit to too much right away. Trying to work out five days a week, cook all your own meals at home and go cold turkey on sugar can only result in one thing — failure.

Trying to change too many things at once means you’ll soon be too sore from working out, too energy deprived, and too bitter about your new lifestyle that your efforts will probably backfire.

A better approach? Start small by building one healthy habit at a time.

Begin by committing to working out two days a week. When you’re comfortable with that, then start cooking at home five days a week, giving up your daily soda to lower your sugar intake, and so on.

Small steps equal long-term success.

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