7 Website Ideas for an Online Side Business


Coming up with great website ideas can be tough. To make it slightly easier, we’ll overview 7 top opportunities for an online side business.

Earning money on the web is a pipe dream for a lot of people. We’ve all heard of individuals who have made huge figures from their websites without doing much work (or at least that’s what they claim).

Still, finding website ideas that can actually make you money – and realistic explanations on how to get started – can be a challenge.

They are out there, however, and chances are at least one of them will be a solid fit for your needs. Here are the websites ideas we’ll explore in this article, each of which can be a source for monetization:

  1. Affiliate blogs
  2. Small online stores with a focus on dropshipping
  3. Reseller hosting
  4. Online learning websites
  5. Job boards for specific niches
  6. Service websites
  7. Websites you can sell

These are all website ideas that almost anyone can develop with some guidance. Plus, they can earn you some decent money without taking up all of your time – if you play your cards right. With that in mind, let’s get to work!

Should You Start an Online Side Business?

You’ll run across a lot of articles and blog posts featuring stories about people who’ve made a lot of money for very little online work

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