Covid 19 coronavirus: How to lose lockdown kilos as we move to level 3


Eating well has always been important, particularly with the isolation distraction of the ever-alluring snack cupboard at arm’s reach.

You may have made the most of your time in lockdown by cooking, baking and snacking more than ever. And whether moving to level 3 will see you return to getting out of the house or not, if you want to lose some of those lockdown kilos, here’s a break down of how to do it – the first step is to change your relationship with food.

Without an eating schedule, it’s been easy for meals and snacks to merge into one and you may have found yourself grazing constantly throughout the day, say accredited practising dietitians, Anna Debenham and Alex Parker, founders of The Biting Truth.

“Designate breaks for snacks and meals into your diary, the same way you would for meetings and calls.

When you snack right, they can add so much nutritional value to your diet – when done poorly, snacking can contribute excess energy, high amounts of added sugars and unhealthy fats, which can result in weight gain.

“Ideally, choose snacks that contain a source of protein,” says Ms Debenham.

“Protein is incredibly important for appetite regulation.

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