Does diet matter?


ere are few differences in outcomes of most diet regimes in terms of weight loss and improvements in cardiovascular risk factors over a period of six months. This is according to a study published in BMJ, which examined 121 randomized trials, involving a total of 21,942 overweight or obese patients who followed a popular named diet or an alternative control diet. The researchers highlight that people should choose a diet they prefer without being concerned about the size of benefits.

“The extensive range of popular diets analyzed provides a plethora of choice but no clear winner. Conversations should shift away from a specific choice of diet and focus instead on how best to maintain any weight loss achieved. If we are to change the weight trajectory of whole populations, we might learn more from understanding how commercial diet companies engage and retain their customers. We can then translate that knowledge into more effective health promotion campaigns,” Helen Truby and Terry Haines comment in a linked editorial. They are both professors at Monash University and uninvolved in the original research.

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