Life after lockdown – restoring body and mind

Breathe in. Breathe out. Now stretch.  After nearly two months in lockdown, Australians have found their own ways to cope with the isolation, loneliness and stress associated with social distancing.
As our normal routines have been thrown out the window  ̶  like the workday commute which has been replaced by a trip to the home office (or dining table)   ̶   the pressures of home schooling, unemployment, exercise and domestic disturbances have played havoc with our physical and mental health.In our fourth Life after lockdown event, we’re joined by Dr Ian Kneebone, Head of Clinical Psychology at UTS, Dr Joshua Pate, Lecturer in Physiotherapy at the Graduate School of Health, UTS as they discuss ways to maintain a healthy equilibrium between body and mind while we ease out of lockdown. How can we best prepare ourselves for the outside world? And what do our experts see as the major impacts on our health system going forward?