Millennials have radically reshaped the beauty and personal care industry. On the hunt for the perfect, Instagramworthy glow, they demand authenticity and a means of self-expression, and with a reliance on social media, they have generally shunned traditional labels in favor of independent brands, driving their rapid growth.

However, to what extent are ‘healthy,’ ‘natural,’ or ‘clean’ attributes in beauty and personal care of importance to this generation? Beauty is closely tied to notions of wellness, we have found, particularly for millennials, defined as those 18 to 34 years old. According to an AlixPartners survey, these buyers want beauty and personal care products with natural or organic ingredients that are sourced and manufactured following ethical and environmental standards. Consumers, across generations and countries, are increasingly focused on these issues, but demand from millennials is keenest.

AlixPartners surveyed more than 4,500 individuals in China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States to evaluate health-and-wellness preferences across most major consumer product segments, geographic regions, age groups, and value chain stages. In beauty and personal care, almost three quarters (72%) of all respondents, regardless of age, said it was important to purchase healthy or clean products.

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