Nourishing your body during lockdown


As we enter another week of lockdown, many of us are likely to be getting used to the new routines and rhythms that make up our day.

For some, being stuck at home means that you are eating more and moving less than normal. Whilst for others it means relying on takeaways a lot less and having more time to cook meals from scratch.

We caught up with two ZOE’s nutritionists, Louisa and Kirstin, to learn more about how lockdown has influenced their eating habits and some practical tips for nourishing yourself during this uncertain time.

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How has being at home for most of the day influenced your eating habits?

Being at home all day means that we may not have the same external cues that we are used to that remind us when to eat. For example, when we’re in the office we might be reminded that it’s lunch time when our co-workers start to heat up their food.

Louisa shares how this has been one of the main things that has been affected during lockdown:

“Without those external cues I can often get so focused on work that I forget to eat, even though I get hungry! Although I usually try and tune into my body’s hunger and fullness cues, I’m finding that I need to be even more aware of what my body needs than I thought I did!”

When we find ourself getting busy with work, childcare, or other tasks at home we may end up snacking less than normal. This can leave us feeling ravenous by the time we’re able to sit down for our next meal, and can result in us eating past the point of comfortable fullness.

For others the opposite may be true. You may find that being at home all day leads to more snacking and grazing out of boredom, or perhaps you even find yourself turning to food for comfort in this stressful environment.

“I know for a lot of people, working from home can present the challenge of being near food all day”, says Louisa. “Once again, tuning into and respecting your hunger and fullness cues is a great place to start”

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