Why Santoshi Shetty Is All About Experimental Beauty During Lockdown

Being under house arrest has forced the best of us to be our most productive, innovative and creative selves. While some are brushing up on Italian or perfecting their downward dog, fashion influencer and blogger, Santoshi Shetty was forced to think of alternate ways to entertain herself and channel her creativity during the lockdown. Fortunately for us, her first medium of choice was unavailable – a sketch book and paint – so she decided to turn herself into the canvas, devoting her quarantine time to take her make-up skills further than they have ever gone before. She’s all dressed up with nowhere to go – and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

A quick scroll through her Instagram reveals all the kaleidoscopic make-up looks she’s been experimenting with during this time spent at home. She’s bringing all that colorful cosmetic eclecticism seen on the runways into real life with a whole fresh take on do-it-yourself and make it #werk. And that’s what we love about make-up, the freedom, the fun and self-expression.  Here we chat with her about all the looks she’s tried during lockdown, the inspiration and her relationship with make-up.

My earliest memory of make-up is right from primary school I’d say or even kindergarten, for that matter. I practised Bharatnatyam all my childhood and every year we had an annual day where we’d dance on stage. I distinctly remember having my make-up done for those performances. The look was: kohl eyes with extended wings and red lips to enhance our facial expressions during the performance. I used to look forward to that day for the make-up bit, (laughs). Oh man, I seriously miss that now, it used to be so fun and exciting.

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